Top Four Equipments For Home Studios

Today, we are going to talk about four top and key equipments of a solid home recording studio.


We have a lot of varying degrees above engineers that follow our website and we have people have been doing this recording for many many years and we have a lot of professionals that are reading our posts because they just enjoy learning different ways of working.

But we also have a lot of beginners too. A lot of people are just getting into the home recording and there are lots of information out there about home recording and it’s kind of why we post that article because its too much infomation and a lot of its confusing. So we tried to streamline it to make it helpful for people that just want make music that sounds really realy good and getting good at this thing.

So today, we are going to address beginners, but it also have something for you professionals, so you can keep in mind whats really important in home music recording studio and prevent to lost in differnt components and pieces.

They are going to look different in every house but the components are always the same.

So let’s run through real quick, we will give you some examples to think about and the main point of this article is to make you think that do you have all of these 5 components and are you using them to abilit and if you are confused about something else that it’s not in this key components, maybe you can set them aside for a moment and make sure that you have got these 5 essential equipment.


Number 1; Computer

It is the most important thing.

At these days recording, mixing is all arranging in your computer, I know, it’s not 100% there, but this is the most cost effective way to be able to get 100 track console in your home for music recording, mixing and arranging.

You do not need tape machines, you don’t need even need a mixer but the computer.

So your computer is the most important. You can use either PC or MAC, either laptop or desktop. You can even get started on probably the computer that you are reading this right now. You can definetely and probably get recording and mixing on that computer.

How far you will be able to go?

We don’t know.

If you are just doing acoustic records and vocal demos, you could probably get working right now with what you have.

If you want to record things that are going to have more than 20 tracks, you are going to need a lot of complex sound and do a lot of editing and finally you will be feeling the limits of your old computer.

But the good thing is computers are getting more comfortable and stronger.

So do your best with what you have and switch to another and stronger when you feel the limits of your current computer.


Number 2; Software. As known as DAW

What platform that you going to use for recording and mixing?

Here are some choices:

  • Pro Tools
  • Studio One
  • Logic
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • FL Studio

The recording softwares list goes on that you could use. But some of this decision might be made for you by your computer chocie.

Some of programs are PC only and some of programs are MAC only and a lot of platforms run on both platforms.


Number 3: Audio Interfaces

Your audio interface includes converters, microphone preamps and your monitoring, like all in one box.

This could be a USB device, firewire, thunderball and PCI to your desktop and this simple box starts from a hundred dollars and goes up to thousands.

But they all do the same thing. They take the analog sound, convert it to the digital signal and send to your computer over a USB or firewire connection. So you can manipulate the sound with your software.

Bigger one or smaller one, they all do the same thing in essence but the needs defines the difference between them such as how many tracks do you need to record at once, how many outputs and inputs do you need. So if you’re getting more comfortable with recording, you are probably going to need minimum two channel interface.

By this way you are able to do vocal with the guitar or stereo drums with the recorder person and you can do stereo piano, whatever your need is. You have all these options.

So just buy one of these boxes and move on!


Number 4: Microphone

You are going to need at least one good microphone to capture the analog sound and we recommend large diaphragm condenser microphones.

This looks like your typical studio vocal microphone and you can get one of these for a hundred dollars or less.

There are ton of great brands on you free to pick whicever you want  Just buy one of them and make every track with that thing such as recording your vocal tributes and acoustic guitars through it.

Many home based recorders prefer closed back imcrophones. Because no sounds escapes side of it and you are able to catch more natural sounds by this way.

This is also great for if you have just started. Because your walls will not have acoustic treatment



Building Home Recording Studio With Little Budget

People always ask what kind of inexpensive gears they need to purchase to be able to create a home music recording studio. And we’re assuming when people are saying cheap, they really do mean “cheap”.


What is the best computer for home recording studios?

As a starter, you don’t have to use fancy computers like Macbook or any other custome made computer. Of course everybody is going to have different kind of computers but if it’s a laptop, it’ll be fine and you’ll be able to run your home recording studio without any problem.

Just make sure your laptop performed to be able to run basic recording softwares and you will want to have a laptop with a decent processor speed and you must definitely have at least 4 gigabyte of ram.

You can get away with 2 GB ram but never try to use 1 gigabyte of ram computers even though some of the programs say that you can use them on 1 GB computers. Because you’ll be frustrated and the recording softwares will mess up your laptop and you’ll have all kind of technical issues.  Some people may argue that, but that’s what we’ve seen


Recommended Audio MIDI Interface for a beginner

The next thing you’ll want to have for your home based recording studio is a audio MIDI interface.

We recommend Tascam’s US – 122 model if you just started out and you are free to buy second hand and older models. They’ll work fine, they are quality wise, also it’s not fantastic, but it’s not horrible either.


One thing you have to consider that no matter what you buy;

Look at the outputs!

Our recommendation have RCA outputs, so if you want TRS outputs, which is going to give you much better sound quality, you can go for better and more expensive audio MIDI interfaces. 

US – 122 model is around 50$ price range but you can find much better deals on ebay.

In brief,your audio MIDI interface is obviously going to connect your computer to you, basically, it is going to run your external sound card.



Audio MIDI controller for beginners

To be able to play your music, you are going to need somekind of MIDI controller, unless you have a synthesizer that kicks the MIDI out.

As a fresh beginner, you can get a EE – MU Xboard Forthy – Nine. You are able to get this MIDI controller easly from Ebay around 30 – 60$ price range.


This controller actualy has a lot of features on it. Also as a very rare feature, you can use EE – MU Xboard Forthy – Nine with battery power without plugging it.


Our second audio MIDI controller recommendation is AKAI LPD 8.

It is another kind of MIDI controller but you use it from pads. You have got your rotary knobs to be able to use different kind of filters. So, you can use it for any purpose. Also it is very assignable with anything on your table.

This model works great specially if you use laptop for your home recording studio, because it is basically at the same size with a laptop, so you can just stick it right in front of your laptop and don’t have to have the keyboard at that moment.


Last of all, we recommend this model too and AKAI LPD 8 goes around 70 – 100$ on Ebay. If you’re looking for something with drum pad on it, it might be pretty good deal for you.


Adapters for home recording studios

You are absolutely going to have these little adapters if you’re getting to making music.

You can start to buy these little hardwares whenever you want and you must track these adapters down becouse they’re too little and easy to lose.

You must definetely keep them in a box because you probably end up using them.



Beginner Microphones For Home Recording Studio

Our recommendation for Microphone is MXL 990.

This michrophone basically is the cheapest mic that you can get to start out. But don’t feel bad, because just about everyone who’s got started out there had one of these and it is the most common beginner microphone.

MXL 990 is a condenser mic and it’s nothing fancy. There’s a little MXL logo on the front of the mic and you have to sing your soung at this side. Because it’s cardio microphone and you are not going to be able to sing in the back.

Also we’ve often seen people hold it like a dynamic and regular hand microphone and sing it to the upward, this is not going to work either.

But XML 990 comes with its own microphone shock mount and it also comes with a mic stand adapter.

And another that’s another thing to use that you will need to get a microphone stand but you can get an inexpensive one from Ebay too or you can buy an inexpensive boom arm mic stand and can use a dynamic hand mic.

Plus, if you are screaming, let’s say you are recording death metal or something like that,you can get a Shure PG – 58. It’s not much expensive too.


MIDI Cables For Home Recording Studios


You have to have at least one MIDI cable because even if you are going to be using USB cables all the time, you never know if something goes wrong with the USB cable which can also get pricey if you have to start buying them over and over.

You are going to run your MIDI cable into your audio MIDI interface from your keyboard or drumpad. These are not that expensive and it’s best to have one of them just in case you ever need it.

And small things like patch cables is another handy thing to have around and we guarantee you will find a use for it. If you don’t have one, you might end up have to running out by 11. So, make sure to get one of them. They are pretty cheap.



Headphones for beginners

A cheap and usual Sony headphone would be fine if you’re just starting out with your amateur hardwares and materials.

Sony Studio Monitor headphones are twenty dollar, but they’ll work out fine.


Eventually, if you’re just starting out, you are not able to spend a lot of money. So don’t be shy to get a 20$ headphone.