September 24, 2019

People always ask us what kind of cheap equipment they need to buy to record home music. When they say “economic” we really think they mean economic.

What is the best computer for a home recording studio? To get started, you don’t need to use an expensive computer like a Macbook or a custom-made computer. Of course everyone will have a different computer but if it is a laptop, it will be fine and you will be able to run a home recording studio. Make sure your computer is able to run software for the studio you will probably want a computer with a good processor and you will definitely want at least 4 gigabytes of ram. You can get away with 2GB of ram but don’t even try to use one, many of these programs specify that they won’t run with less than one GB of ram. Otherwise you will be frustrated and the registration software will start acting up and you will have any kind of technical problem. Some people may not agree, but this is what we have noticed.   MIDI interface recommended for newbies The next thing you will want to have to create your home studio is a MIDI interface. We recommend the Tascam’s US – 122 model if you have just started, but you are free to buy the model you like best. They will work well anyway, they are of good quality but not fantastic.   One thing to keep an eye on regardless of the model are the outputs; Check the outputs! The model we recommend has RCA outputs, so if you want TRS outputs, which will surely offer you better quality, you can point to more expensive MIDI audio interfaces. US – 122 costs around $ 50 the price can vary and you can find fantastic offers on ebay. In short, the MIDI audio interface will connect you to your computer, basically it will set up an external sound card.

MIDI sound controller for newbies To play your music, you’ll need some sort of MIDI controller, unless you have a synthesizer that has MIDI output. As a beginner, you could take an EE – MU Xboard Forthy – Nine. You could find this controller on ebay at a price between 30 and 60 $.   This controller actually has a lot of potential. It also has a very rare functionality, you can use the EE – MU Xboard Forthy – Nine with batteries, without the socket.   The second MIDI controller model we recommend is the AKAI LPD 8. It’s another type of MIDI controller that you will need to use through the panel. You can use potentiometers to apply different effects. So you can use it for all your purposes. It will easily line up with other items on your desk. This model will be fine, especially if you’re using a laptop for your studio, because it’s basically the same size as a laptop and you can safely slip it under the computer, you won’t need the keyboard right now. Finally we recommend the model AKAI LPD 8 from the price of 70 – 100 $ on Ebay. If you are looking for something with a drum pad it might be suitable for you.   Adapters for a home studio You will absolutely need these adapters if you want a home studio. You can start buying these small components when you like, but you will need to keep an eye on them as they are very small and easy to lose. You will have to keep them in a box, otherwise you will end up losing them.

Beginner microphones for a home studio. The microphone we recommend is the MXL 990. This microphone is basically the cheapest you can buy to get started. But don’t worry, anyone who has had one of these to start with is one of the most used microphones by beginners. MXL 990 is a condenser microphone, nothing special. There is a small MXL logo on the front of the microphone, from the side where you sing to speak. Since it is a cardio microphone you will not be able to use it except from the front. I’ve often seen people use it as a dynamic microphone and sing like a normal one, it won’t work that way. But the XML 990 includes its accommodation and accommodation to be able to use it immediately. Another thing you will need is the microphone stand, but then buy one for a short time on Ebay or you can buy an arm for a dynamic microphone and use a dynamic microphone. Plus if you’re screaming, like you’re recording death metal or something, you could get a Shure PG – 58. This doesn’t cost much either.   MIDI cables for home recording studios   You will need at least one MICI cable because even if you are using USB cables you will never know if something will go wrong with USB cables, in fact it may become expensive to have to change them again and again. You will need to insert your MIDI cable into the MIDI interface from your keyboard or your drumpad. They are not so expensive, at best it would be good to have one right if it were to serve.

And other little things like suspender cables are a convenience to have always at hand, we guarantee that you will find a use for them too. If you don’t, you could find yourself having to buy 11. So make sure you buy at least one. They are cheap. Headphones for neophytes An economic and common possibility are the Sony headphones that will do just fine if you are starting with amateur materials and equipment. Sony Studio Monitor headphones cost around $ 20 but will do very well. In any case, if you’re starting out, you won’t be able to spend much. So don’t be ashamed to buy $ 20 headphones.

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